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    Yoga-Inspired: How to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

    In times of darkness, as in the Winter Solstice, we are given the opportunity to fully embrace all aspects of ourselves. When we can acknowledge that we all have parts of us that are dark - sometimes in the form of wounds - and that we also naturally have radiant light within us as well, we can then accept that both the light and the dark complete the whole of who we are.  

    Until we illuminate wounds, they remain stuck in the dark and cannot be healed. But once we own our shadow wounds, we can begin to nurture these hidden aspects of ourselves, shining the light on them to restore our inner peace.

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    Holiday Season Self-Care & Mindfulness

    Holiday blues can manifest in different forms. These self-care strategies, paired with a regular yoga and meditation practice can be a game-changer during the holidays.