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Yoga Design Lab

Colorful Yoga Designs

Yoga Design Lab Mats

Yoga Design Lab was founded in the beautiful landscape of Bali. The founder Chad Turner was on vacation in Bali and was inpired by the bright vibrant colors to spice up the simplicity of traditional yoga mats that were made from one solid color that he felt did not represent the vastness of yoga.

Yoga Design Lab uses eco-friendly materials such as sustainable rubber, biodegradable cork, and fiber made from recycled water bottles to create their beautiful gear.

Balance l Mukha Yoga
Fusion l Mukha Yoga

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

This Yoga Design Lab combo mat combines your yoga mat and yoga towel, 2-in-1! The eco-friendly mat's luxurious microfiber surface gives you the absorbent feel of a towel with the cushion of a mat. This travel friendly (and machine washable!) mat is thin and foldable.

Balance l Mukha Yoga
Fusion l Mukha Yoga

Why Use Cork Yoga Products?

Cork is an antimicrobial material that resists germs and odors. If you are looking for a good alternative to rubber or PVC yoga gear, then biodegradable cork might be the answer. Cork also does not absorb dust.