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    Innovative Yoga Mats by Yoga Design Lab

    Yoga Mat x Hot Yoga Towel

    Yoga Design Lab's combo yoga mats are machine washable, beautifully designed, and made with a luxurious suede microfiber surface that gives you the grippy, absorbent feel of a towel while the rubber base offers the soft cushion of a mat. Particulalry great for hot yoga, these yoga mats are travel-friendly and can be used for all yoga styles.

    Made with 100% natural tree rubber and recycled plastic bottles, this mat is eco-friendly making it good for your practice and the earth.

    Balance l Mukha Yoga
    Fusion l Mukha Yoga

    Machine Washable Yoga Mats

    The innovative combo mats by Yoga Design Lab are designed to be machine washable! To extend the life of your mat, hand wash using mild soap regularly. When heavily soiled, machine wash your combo mat on a gentle cycle.