Holding Emotions in the Hips

July 04, 2018

More likely than not, my students request poses to open the hips. I am never surprised. Our hips are one of the most common places that tighten up the moment we look away. The reason why? Sitting. When we sit, our hip flexors tighten since they are at a shortened posture. This affects the spine directly since it then overcompensates to move the body in ways the tight hips cannot. Increased spinal movement affects the lower back and lumbar spine, which is that place we (even though we try not to) constantly overuse to lift, bend, and stand. Cue the back pain.

Holding Emotions in the Hips l Mukha Yoga

Hip poses feel incredible because they make room for your spine and increase circulation beginning at the base of your spine, which is where the rest of your body begins to move from. These poses also can stretch the sides of your body and all the way down to your feet.

Since the hips are in the second chakra, the sacral chakra, they are really great at holding guilt. The second chakra is associated with water. It begins at the sacrum and is the center of pleasure. Not just pleasure of the body, but pleasure of play and creativity. It is a place of uninhibited self. It is where the true you begins. And that’s why it’s so easy for it to get blocked. Do you have anything in your life that stops your creativity? Anything that can’t deal with your sense of play and your need for expression? I find almost every day that something in the world tells me to simmer down or be more like every other human or not get so excited. This is where all those emotions go.

Please find some time each day to do at least one hip pose! You do not have to hold on to your guilt. You do not have to be in pain when you stand. You can allow yourself to enjoy all the pleasures you want in this life.

Fae Leslie Hoffman l Mukha YogaBy Fae Leslie Hoffman; All Rights Reserved @2018

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