Lessons from Nature: Changing Seasons | with a healing singing bowls meditation

March 23, 2021

When the weather changes “out there”, it gives us an opportunity to see what’s going on with the weather inside ourselves. Nature has a powerful job each season, but it doesn't worry or hurry, and like a well-oiled machine, everything is accomplished.

We can take our cues from this synchronicity as it closely resembles our own human growth: As we awaken with excitement and come out of the darkness of Winter, the blossoms of Spring signal that new life is emerging. We become fully alive in Summer with more activity in the fiery heat of longer days, absorbing the nutrients we need from the Sun to grow and expand.

As Fall approaches, we rush to take advantage of the final warm days, then prepare for what’s next. The tree’s leaves burst into bright colors, in its fullest expression, then drop away, shedding what’s not needed anymore to continue the circle of life.

Winter brings bare branches, so its roots may take in more nourishment, process the mulch and compost delivered by the fallen leaves of Fall to extend deeper and stronger to weather the harsh storms.

It is our “compost”, the struggles and adversity in our life that allows for us to be transformed. Our submersion into the darkness of hibernation allows us to restore and rejuvenate. There is a beautiful book called “Wintering” by Katherine May that describes those times in our lives when we need to hunker down and retreat to process grief.  

Healing Singing Bowls For Chakra Balancing:

Everything has a vibration of energy and the vibration of the singing bowls resonates within the tissues of our bodies and our chakras, which are vortexes of energy. This meditation travels between the heart chakra and the Manipura (our 3rd chakra of personal power), before moving up to the throat chakra, third eye and the crown of the head. Relax and enjoy the journey!

Our society has become so focused on being busy that the years can fly by without allowing any time for transition and stillness. Our bodies and spirits need to slow down often, so as with the emerging change, let us process, notice what is actually happening in the present, and heal what needs healing.

We must have faith that we are designed to grow where we are, nourish the soil where we stand, and open up to the light that surrounds us, so our souls can breathe in life. So we can see with clarity everything we are meant to see and sustain, to cultivate and project the sweet blissful vitality of changing seasons.

Julie Bertagna l Mukha Yoga
By Julie Bertagna; All Rights Reserved @2021

Julie Bertagna l Mukha YogaBy Julie Bertagna; All Rights Reserved @2021

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