Polishing the Mirror | A Book Review

September 09, 2020

Polishing The Mirror, How To Live From Your Spiritual Heart is the second book I've read by Ram Dass. I forgot that it was because of Ram Dass that I embraced Bhakti as my yoga path. Bhakti, the yoga of the heart, is the path of loving devotion. Ram Dass is all about Bhakti yoga and Polishing The Mirror is no different.

 Polishing the Mirror is the practice of sitting with what is, allowing whatever arises within you to be the fire burning away the impurities of the spirit, so the soul, the true self, can shine through. In this manner we live more and more as a soul, as one with all, versus living from the more instinctual lower physical perspective.

Reading Ram Dass is like getting a loving, yet at times rambling, note from your grandfather. Emanating the unconditional love he found in his guru, Ram Dass lived life as part of the human family, believing we’re all one spiritual family just walking each other home. Once we realize we’re really all the same and there is only one loving awareness, we can choose to be in that love, all of the time, as a state of being.

Om, Ze.          

Zia Estrella l Mukha Yoga
By Zia Estrella; All Rights Reserved @2020

Zia Estrella l Mukha YogaBy Zia Estrella; All Rights Reserved @2020

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