What is Baptiste Yoga?

March 04, 2020

The style of yoga I practice and teach is called Baptiste yoga, which is ultimately a practice of physical, mental and spiritual awakening that integrates the whole person, on every level. Learning about Baptiste yoga taught me that real health means wholeness on all levels of being and a deep true connection to what is most sacred: the truth within our heart. It empowered me with the light, skills, and tools that I needed to see the truth.

What is Baptiste Yoga? l The Community Hub l Mukha Yoga

The Baptiste methodology offers insight into our condition and the road map to journey into a more purposeful and awakened life. Ultimately, Baptiste yoga is about cultivating a soulful perspective to the questions we may find ourselves asking when we’re at a loss: “how did I get here and where do I want to be?” Whether you want to create a stronger pain-free body, a heightened emotional intelligence quotient, or a deeper more spiritually nourishing experience of life, this practice gives you access.

Baptiste yoga incorporates physical asana practice, meditation, and self-inquiry. The Journey Into Power sequence consists of 96 poses organized into 11 energetically cohesive segments that are intuitively sequenced to support True North alignment from the inside out. We practice in a studio heated to 90 degrees with the humidity set to 80 percent.

Just as we cannot spot reduce specific areas in our bodies by performing isolated target-specific workouts, we cannot compartmentalize our lives and choose which areas we will focus on improving and which ones we’ll ignore and procrastinate on. Baptiste yoga reminds us that the whole is the goal. In order to create real meaningful life change, this practice invites you to be willing to surrender all the parts of yourself for transformation.

You’ll see the results you seek only if you’re wholly willing to be fully present and accountable for the reality you’ve created in your body and your life. Only then can you spark the inner revolution you know you need. You can begin to live in soulful truth. Baptiste yoga can empower you to live your life on purpose and move you upward.

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