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    Elevate Your Practice: Restorative Yoga Bolsters & Zafu Cushions

    The Best Yoga Bolsters to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

    Having a supportive Yin and Restorative yoga practice starts with good quailty props. There are a varitey of bolsters and Zafus (meditation cushions) that you can choose from. All you have to do is decide which types of props you need to deepen and support your at-home yoga practice. Peruse our hand-selected bolsters and cushions from the top yoga and meditation brands.

    Hand-picked by yogis for yogis. Namaste.

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    How do you clean a yoga bolster?

    When you are buying a yoga bolster, search for an option that has an inner core and an outer cover with a zipper. The inner core of the bolster is not washable, however you can hand or machine wash the outer cover in cold water. It is usually recommended to air dry as most outer covers are made with organic cotton or linen. As always, read the care instructions on the bolster.

    Yoga Bolsters, Zafus and Cushions

    Yoga Bolsters and Cushions enhance your yoga practice. There are many different shapes and styles depending on what you need. The standard yoga bolster is longer, wider and thicker for a Yin or Restorative yoga practice. Another type of bolster but not as wide is the Pranayama Bolster which is a perfect shape when in a Pigeon type pose. Mini yoga bolsters are idel for cushioning or protecting from an injury. Zafu Cushions are round or heart shaped making them ideal for sitting for long periods like a meditation. Yoga bolsters and zafus can also help in an injury putting less strain on joints and muscles. Bolsters and zafus have different types of inner core from buckwheat to cotton with an outer core made of cotton, organic cotton or linen. At Mukha Yoga we carry many different types from such brands as Hugger Mugger, Halfmoon, Yoga Matters, Zafuko, Manduka and many more.