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    Biodegradable Cork Yoga Mats, Blocks and More

    Cork Yoga Gear: A Sustainable Choice

    We love cork products. It is a gift from the earth that can return to the earth.

    Sustainably harvested cork is biodegradable and durable - an excellent alternative to foam, plastics, and PVC.

    Cork also has anti-microbial properties that we appreciate, especially as the past few years have taught us to be more hygiene-conscious.

    Most cork used for yoga gear is sustainably picked from oak trees. Oak trees are the only type of tree that regenerates their bark. When the bark is stripped from the tree, it allows the tree to absorb five times more CO2.

    It's a win-win-win.

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    Why choose a cork yoga mat?

    Cork offers a non-slip grip that actually gets better with moisture! So if you practice Hot Yoga or perspire during your practice, cork might be your perfect choice. Cork also boasts anti-microbial properties for a hygiene-conscious practice.