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Sustainable Yoga Gear & Wear

Yoga Gear & Clothing that is good for the enviroment

Mukha's Sustainability Commitment

Mukha Yoga is located in the heart of Central Oregon - where we are surrounded by vibrant natural beauty.
We know that if this natural beauty is truly to be enjoyed in generations to come, that we must be good stewards.
Caring about the environmental impact of doing business is at the core of our work. We seek to put quality and care into the clothes and gear we sell and partner with the sustainable companies that make them.

We also don’t use one-use plastics or foam packing materials. Instead, we opt for Glassine, a biodegradable and recyclable material by Eco Enclose.

Eco-Friendly Clothing & Yoga Gear

As yogis, we at Mukha Yoga hand-select the items we sell, prioritizing items that are good for your practice and the planet! Almost everything at Mukha Yoga will have one or more of the following qualities: recycled, biodegradable, fair trade, organic, sustainably grown, or made in the USA.

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