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Handmade Clothing & Yoga Gear

Thoughtfully-Made Yoga Products

Artisan Made Craft Meets Yoga

The quality and care that craftsmen (and women) have for their work results in beautiful and durable gear and wear that we just love.

Not only are the handmade items beautiful, but the thoughtful creations also have a lower ecological footprint. We also only select vendors that offer a living wage to their craftsman for gear that is ethical and sustainable.

Shop some of our favorite handmade yoga products below. Hand-curated by yogis for yogis.

Balance l Mukha Yoga
Fusion l Mukha Yoga

Are handmade clothes better quality?

Made by a person with a passion for their craft, handmade clothing and gear are not only beautiful but also durable. The opposite of fast fashion, "slow fashion" places a higher value on quality over quantity. The high attention to detail and careful selection of materials offer high-quality wear that you'll come back to again and again.