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    Yoga Bolsters and Props for Enhanced Relaxation & Restoration

    Hugger Mugger Yoga Products

    Hugger Mugger is about making products with eco-friendly designs that are not harmful to us or the earth. Founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1986 by Sara Chambers, a yogi and woodworker, who first began creating props to use in her own practice. She developed the first non-skid yoga mat, the famous Tapas Ultra Yoga Mat. Soon, fellow yogis were asking if she could make the same props for them, so Hugger Mugger was born.

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    Can I wash my Hugger Mugger bolster?

    While it is not recommeded to wash the inner core of any Hugger Mugger bolster or cushion as it is made of cotton bunting. Hugger Mugger have made it that you can remove the outer cover to wash (most prefered by hand for longer enjoyment).

    Hugger Mugger

    Hugger Mugger started with humble beginnings by Sarah Chambers in 1986 by making wooden tools to better her yoga practice. Hugger Mugger got it's big push with the design of the orignal sticky mat called Tapas Sticky Mat which is still around today and is just as popular as ever. For over 25 years Hugger Mugger as been the invovator in developing yoga products for students and teachers from the handmade yoga bolsters made in Salt Lake City, Utah to Cork yoga products and a full line yoga yoga mats. At Mukha Yoga we have a full selection of Hugger Mugger yoga products.

    Hugger Mugger FAQ

    Is the Tapas Ultra Mat latex-free?

    Yes, it is latex-free. It is also heavy metal and phthalate-free.

    How do I clean the Tapas Ultra Yoga Mat?

    It's always best to wipe down your yoga mat after each class with a yoga cleaner spray or warm water with plain soap. This will help reduce build-up so that your mat stays sticky.

    What is the Hugger Mugger Standard Bolster filled with?

    Hugger Mugger bolsters and cushions are filled with organic buckwheat that provides support and stays in place during meditation or a Yin practice. The fill is removable for customized loft.