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    Yoga Leggings for Comfort and Mobility on & off the Mat

    Discover a Large Selection of Yoga Leggings and Pants for Your Active Lifestyle

    We have a wide variety of yoga leggings and pants to choose from, including sculpted fit, bell bottom, capris, and shorts. Find the perfect pair to suit your needs and budget. Free shipping on orders $50+..

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    Leggings vs Yoga Pants - Any difference?

    Some of the main differences between leggings and yoga pants are the stretch of the fabric and thickness. Leggings tend to be more performance-based that are focused on wicking mostiure away from the skin during workouts. Some leggings offer compressive support that many yoga pants don't have to offer the popular flowy flair.

    Yoga Leggings

    At Mukha Yoga, we are big fans of clothing that can be worn to suit your active lifestyle - to support you from yoga to biking to dancing all night long. The one thing that is common among the different style of leggings is performance fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin to promote comfort. This also helps keep the fabric from clinging to your skin, which is especially important in yoga where freedom of moverment is important. High-compression leggings are perfect for cardio workouts. The second-skin fabric on these leggings helps you run without distractions. Try capris leggings for the summer months, or try ankle-length leggings for more coverage.Caprese pants offer a slim and tighter look in the yoga studio but still have perfrmance materials. We offer different styles from a long legging to crop or capri legging with plain colors or bold prints. Some come with media pockets, or you may opt for the classic no-pocket legging. No matter the activity we have the brands for your budget from Spiritual Gangster, Beyond Yoga, prAna, Onzie, Teeki, Vuori and lots more.