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    Feeling Grounded Through Change

    "When autumn begins, and the rain and wind start moving the world around, I often feel like I’m being blown around, too. Grounding oneself is the most helpful and healing action to keep you, here, breathing, here.

    With every pose, the one constant is that some part of you needs to touch the ground.

    That’s where to begin, with the ground.

    When you don’t know what to do, when you are tired or scared or ashamed or overcome, if you cannot remember the last time you took a breath and remembered it, touch the earth. Go outside and touch the grass or the trees or the sidewalk, stay inside and stand in your room, sit in a chair and press your toes into the floor.

    Be with the earth."

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    Lessons from Changing Seasons | with a singing bowl meditation

    When the weather changes “out there”, it gives us an opportunity to see what’s going on with the weather inside ourselves. The Fall is a time to practice gratitude and plant seeds for the Spring. Allow Julie to guide you on a singing bowl meditation to align your chakras and foster internal balance.