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Organic Cotton Yoga Collection

Sustainably Made Yoga Clothing & Gear

Organic Yoga

Mukha Yoga is a small business in the heart of central Oregon where we pride ourselves for our love of the great outdoors.

With the Three Sisters wilderness, Crater Lake and many State Parks, we treasure our vibrant surroundings - and with that, we also know the importance of caring for our Earth if that beauty is to last. Central Oregon is also a farming community, and the importance of sustainably planting and consuming is a highly discussed issue.

Here at Mukha Yoga, we select yoga wear and gear that we found to be responsibly made. Hand picked by yogis for yogis.

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Why is buying organic cotton clothing important?

Buying organic is important for the food you eat, but also for the clothes you put on your body. Since organic cotton has a lower environmental footprint, it is more sustainable. It also reduces the exposure of harsh chemicals on the workers making your clothes and the soil the material came from.