Relax into these Supine Yoga Poses

December 08, 2013

Some of the most powerful poses in the world of yoga take place while lying on one’s back. These supine poses are powerful parts of any yoga practice, and they are excellent ways to strengthen the muscles of the back and the legs. These poses are also great for the digestive system and letting go of stress. They aid in flushing out toxins that have built up over time with our modern lifestyles. When doing these poses, always do them on an empty stomach. To begin, relax, lie down, and bend your knees with your feet softy but firmly grounded to the floor.

Relax into these Supine PosesTo begin, lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet comfortably on the floor. If your neck and shoulders feel tense, or if your chin juts upward toward the sky instead of settling comfortably toward your chest, elevate your head a few inches with a folded blanket or pillow.

Some of the most well known supine yoga positions include:

Leg Pulls – Leg pulls are great for toning and strengthening the leg muscles, and this exercise is great for increasing flexibility as well. This increased strength and flexibility will allow you to perform some of the more difficult yoga exercises going forward.

Leg to Side– Pulling the leg to the side is another powerful way to strengthen and tone the muscles, and this exercise can be quite useful as part of an overall exercise and weight loss regimen.

Single and Double Leg Raises – Raising the legs and holding them in position is a great way to stretch, strengthen, and tone the muscles of the legs, and this exercise also provides powerful benefits to the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles as well.

These supine yoga positions can be quite powerful and useful for improving overall muscle tone and increasing muscle mass. This increased muscle mass is a great way to increase metabolism and aid with weight loss. Anyone embarking on a program of yoga for weight loss purposes should be sure to explore these powerful yoga poses.

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