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Valentine's Day Yoga Collection

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What Yoga Teaches Us About Self-Love

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you accepted yourself, fully and without judgement?

One of the essential lessons that yoga teaches us is acceptance. Learning to accept ourselves is key in our path to self-love.

Yoga can help develop this perspective in many ways. For example, every time you step on the mat accept your body’s limitations or your current state of mind.

Be generous and listen to your body.

Being aware of the most vulnerable aspects of ourselves and seeing them clearly with true acceptance sparks a journey of self-awareness. That self-awareness teaches you when you need to let go of expectations.

Balance l Mukha Yoga
Fusion l Mukha Yoga

Yoga Medicine for the Heart Chakra

This complex chakra unites what seems opposite, integrating spirit and matter, healing both our emotions and our energy, uniting the masculine and feminine, bringing us back to the idea of harmony, love and connection.

Balance l Mukha Yoga
Fusion l Mukha Yoga

Essential Oils for Romance & Sensuality

If the aphrodisiacs like chocolate, oysters, maca, and asparagus (wait, what?) are passé for the sex drive department, then try a little aromatherapy to rev those cuddly engines.