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    Yoga Gear & Outfits for Gemini Zodiac

    Yoga-Inspired Living for the Gemini Star Sign

    As the first air sign of the zodiac, Gemini is known for its adaptable nature and spontaneity. Those with Gemini placements tend to invite adventure and fun - but need to find the balance to not get swept away by the current of their exploits.

    The curious Gemini zodiac highly values creativity, honesty, and self-expression, with the correlating chakra being the Throat Chakra. As storytellers, Geminis understand that vulnerability and speaking one’s truth is strength.

    Geminis may find yogic practices beneficial for promoting balance: flowing where their soul guides them while still being grounded in who they are. Breathwork, energetic Vinyasa flows, grounded Yin Yoga and guided meditations are all useful tools for those with Gemini placements.

    Balance l Mukha Yoga
    Fusion l Mukha Yoga

    Yoga Medicine for the Throat Chakra

    A blocked throat chakra could be related to feelings of stunted creativity, being afraid of silence, the inability to express or advocate for oneself, or maybe feeling like you aren’t acting or communicating your truth.