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  • Editor's Gift Picks 2020

    November 23, 2020 4 min read

    You want your gift to be meaningful and useful to your loved one (or yourself!), but maybe you're unsure of which direction to go. This holiday season, gifting self-care items could be a perfect way to wrap up 2020. From tools for furthering a loved one's practice, or just for feeling cozy, here are my holiday gift picks for 2020. Happy Holidays!

    Stocking Stuffers Under $30

    Massage Balls

    I am a huge fan of massage balls! I wrote an article on How to Use Massage Balls, because they have been my favorite self-care tool this past year.

    Halfmoon's Natural Cork Massage Ball Trio: Comes with two unique sizes of all natural cork balls so you can self-heal those sore spots, increase circulation, and calm your nervous system.

    Halfmoon's Pressure Point Massage Balls: Uniform in size with small sensory spikes to target acupressure points, offer myofascial release, and promote circulation.

    Eye Pillows

    A great tool for calming the body and mind. Not only are eye pillows a great addition to a restorative yoga or meditation practice, they can be used to relieve headaches, invite calm, or as an addition to your loved one's sleep hygiene routine.

    SamYoga's Lavender Eye Pillow: Handmade in Canada, these eye pillows are filled with dried lavenders and flax seed filling. Can be placed in the freezer or microwave. Available in 4 patterns.

    Hugger Mugger's Silk Eye Pillow: The organic flax filling is unscented for those who are sensitive to scents or would like to customize their aroma therapy experience. Available in 2 colors.

    Smudge Sticks and Incense

    We source our smudge stick and incense collection from Shamans Market, a company that responsibly and sustainably harvests their ingredients. Sage has been used by indigenous peoples in the Americas for centuries for the purpose of cleansing oneself or a space.

    White Sage Smudge Stick: The broad leaf gives a strong aromatic smell that can also be used to soothe, calm anxiety, and lessen stress.

    Black Sage Mini Stick: Typically used for introspection and inner healing, burning this sage can also be used as an insect repellent.

    Yoga Straps

    There are two types of yoga straps, one specifically for carrying your yoga mat and the other for deepening yoga postures (although there is a way to use it to carry your mat around also). You can check out our article: How To Use Straps.

    Halfmoon's Cotton Loop Yoga Strap: Made with a fixed loop on the end for more versatility. For deepening leg stretches without worrying about slippage! Slide buckle is made with brushed nickel.

    Manduka's Commuter Mat Carrier: For your yogi that takes their mat with them everywhere. The padded shoulder strap is especially handy.

    For more affordable gifts, check out our Gifts Under $30 list.

    For Him



    Peace Warrior Hoodie:
    Cozy and comfy - he’ll never want to take it off.

    Prana’s Jarvis Long-Sleeve:
    A luxurious wool/recycled polyester blend designed for warmth and athleticism.

    Prana's Hardesty Short Sleeve: A lightweight performance shirt that is Fair Trade Certified.

    Kore Shorts: Available in several different colors, these lined shorts are cool, breathable, and supportive for any sport.

    For Her

    Glyder’s Mood Sports Bra:
    This top takes her from her morning vinyasa flow to her coffee date in the park, all in one look!

    Spiritual Gangster’s
    Sweatshirt: Ultra-soft and comfortable, with a “Goddess Vibes” logo for affirmation.

    High Waist Leggings: Black leggings, a wardrobe essential. Made from sustainably grown bamboo viscose, a silky soft, naturally cooling, and odor resistant material.  

    Spiritual Gangster’s Perfect Sweatpant: SG’s sweatpants are one of our best-sellers for their comfort and durability. She’ll want to live in these all winter! These sweats feature a fun celestial print.

    For the yogi on the go

    Jade Voyager Yoga Mat, 1.5mm:
    Only 1.5 pounds, and you can fold it up flat to easily be packed in a backpack. Made from 100% sustainable rubber.

    Manduka’s eKO Superlite Yoga Mat:
    At 2 pounds, this foldable 1.5mm mat is an excellent travel companion. Available in several fun patterns and colors.

    Hugger Mugger’s Sukasana Meditation Cushion: With its carrying handle and light weight (just 3 pounds), this cushion can also be used as bolster or even as a travel pillow!

    For the Tall Yogi

    Halfmoon's Tall & Wide Essential Yoga Mat: 4mm and 27”x84”, Ultra-lightweight and extra long and wide. Made from non-toxic PVC.

    Manduka’s ProLite Long: 5mm and 24”x79”, emission free certified and made from non-toxic PVC.

    Hugger Mugger’s Tapas Ultra Yoga Mat:
    6mm and 24”x74”. One of our best-sellers. This is our thickest extra-long yoga mat. Made in the USA.

    For Hot Yoga Lovers

    Yoga Towels are great for a non-slip practice and for easily practicing good hygiene as you just throw it into the wash when you’re done! Hugger Mugger's Bamboo Towel is a crowd favorite.

    The B Yoga Everyday Mat: 4mm. Slip-resistant with antimicrobial properties. This high quality rubber will withstand rigorous every day practice.

    Manduka’s eKo Lite Yoga Mat: 4mm. Ultra-sticky high-quality rubber, great for those with a rigorous sweaty hot practice.  

    For Restorative Yoga Lovers

    Jade Yoga’s Fusion Mat: Coming in at 8mm, this is our thickest mat. Perfect for those looking for a luxurious padding for their practice. Slip-resistant and sustainably made.

    The B Yoga Strong Mat: This 100% high quality rubber mat is 6mm, offers superior cushion and is slip-resistant.

    Halfmoon’s Cylindrical Bolster: Durable, soft, and with a removable machine washable cover. The cylindrical shape is perfect for restorative heart openers.

    Hugger Mugger’s Printed Bolster: Beautiful print, these durable traditionally shaped bolsters are firm. The cover is machine washable.

    For the Eco-Conscious

    Our Best-Selling Jade Harmony Yoga: Made from sustainably harvested rubber, free from PVC’s and ozone depleting substances and are all biodegradable.

    Yoga Design Lab’s Reversible Mat: One side antimicrobial cork and one side non-slip rubber. The beautiful mandala pattern is made with water-based ink.

    Manduka’s Recycled Yoga Block: Slip resistant with a sleek look - but best of all, this block is made primarily from recycled materials!

    Yoga Design Lab’s Yoga Wheel:
    A fun edition to a yogi’s practice to support headstands, back bends, and more! 100% natural cork and biodegradable.

    If you are thinking of getting a loved one, or yourself, a yoga mat, check our more thorough review.

    For more gift ideas, visit our Yoga Gifts page.

    Hannah Parks l Mukha YogaBy Hannah Parks; All Rights Reserved @2020

    Hannah Parks l Mukha YogaBy Hannah Parks; All Rights Reserved @2020