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    Yoga Apparel + Gear to Celebrate Spring

    Awakening for Spring

    As we awaken with excitement and come out of the darkness of Winter, the blossoms of Spring signal that new life is emerging.

    When the weather changes “out there”, it gives us an opportunity to see what’s going on with the weather inside ourselves.

    We are often so focused on being busy that the years can fly by without allowing any time for transition and stillness.

    Our bodies and spirits need to slow down often, so as with the emerging change, let us process, notice what is actually happening in the present, and heal what needs healing.

    Balance l Mukha Yoga
    Fusion l Mukha Yoga

    Spring Cleaning Old Energy from Home & Body

    Your seeds of intention have been planted during the winter, so the time has come to declutter so new life can awaken and grow. Here are spring-cleaning techniques to clear old energy from your home and body.