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How Trail Running Teaches Mindfulness

I used to trip and stumble a lot while I was running, either on an easy trail in a local park or during a mountain race. After many years of blaming my technique or weak ankles, I began thinking back to the biggest falls I had had...

Balance l Mukha Yoga

Four Ayurvedic Spices to Add to Your Diet

The wisdom, rituals and herbal medicines of Ayurveda have a long history of soothing our many ailments. Here are some key Ayurvedic spices to add to your pantry.

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Balance l Mukha Yoga
Fusion l Mukha Yoga

Mermaid Pose: Benefits & Build-Up Poses

Mermaid pose is a beautifully challenging and rewarding hip and heart opening asana. It’s an advanced posture that requires a lot of openness through the chest, shoulders, quadriceps and hip flexors.

Balance l Mukha Yoga

Your Guide to Alternate Nostril Breathing

This technique is called Nadi Shodhana Pranayama in Sanskrit, which means “the purification of the nerves.” Use this pranayama to calm and purify the nerves, de-stress and refresh your body and clear your mind.

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Post-Yoga Vegan Protein Smoothie Recipe

Drinking a smoothie is a quick and easy way to refuel after a power yoga class. After your practice, it’s important to rehydrate, especially if you practice in a heated room.

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Fusion l Mukha Yoga

Sub Ek: We Are All One | with a guided medtation

What does it mean? Sub ek is Sanskrit for “We all come from the same source.” If it is true that we all come from the same source, then why does humanity sow such division?

Nourishment l Mukha Yoga

Essential Oils for Grounding

Our daily lives and the stress of it all can sometimes leave us disconnected and lost. If you need a dose of grounding, why not let essential oils help you out?

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Music Beat

Music Beat

The Four Agreements, written by Don Miguel Ruiz, is a guideline to Toltec wisdom originating in Mexico.

Want to start Hot Yoga but not sure what kind of gear or clothing you should be getting? Worry no further, check out our guide!

The vagus nerve is the largest cranial nerve in the body. It extends through the stomach, the diaphragm, the heart, the lungs, the throat, the inner ear and the facial muscles.